The house was built in 1899 according to the project of an architect called Osvald Polívka and was bought by the renowned confectioner Emanuel Toman in 1924. The renowned Toman's Confectionery, later the Nitra Café, has been operating on the ground floor and first floor of the house since the 1930s. Later the house served as a shoe and music store. Beautiful brick vaults were hidden under plasterboard ceilings, the house lost its character and slowly deteriorated. During the two-year reconstruction, these vaults were uncovered and restored, the functionalist windows on the second floor were reconditioned with the original technique, the marble cladding of the staircase was cleaned, and the historic stained-glass window on the mezzanine was repaired and illuminated. The design of the repaired premises was adapted to their new use. The new owners wanted to continue the tradition of the famous house and again provide the city center gastronomic operation with products of its own production.