As time passed by our project grew up to connect modern times with traditions that our great city Brno offers. In good old times there have been many major czech famous people on visit such as Jan Werich, Jiří Woskovec, Rudolf Těsnohlídek, Eliška Junková, Vlasta Burian, Nataša Gollová etc.. As paying respect to these magnificant people we wrote their names on the stairs and hanged their biography with photos on the wall. In first half of 20. century Emanuel Toman was renowned confectioner and great teacher of another famous confectioner Bohumil Kolbaba. He had his business in many different places when after first world war he established his confectionery here by buying the old building on Liberty square (Náměstí Svobody) and made great functionalistic renovation. He was also confectionery judge advocate. And here comes the part that is related to our present. After WW2 took business in the hands son of Emanuel Toman. His name was Otakar Toman. He was first confectioner that served with desserts drafted beer. Today we as well continue this magnificant tradition.